‘Illegal dumpers creating a mess’

Colr. Mickey Cooper.
Colr. Mickey Cooper.

Sinn Féin Councillor Mickey Cooper has hit out at those responsible for dumping rubbish illegally in back lanes in the Rosemount and Lower Strand Road areas.

Colr. Cooper helped to organise a community clean-up of the areas back in November but some of the lanes and mews have returned to their former state after a recent spate of illegal dumping.

“A massive amount of work was carried out by Derry City Council contractors to carry out a clean-up of private mews lanes in the Rosemount and Lower Strand area,” said Colr. Cooper.

“This followed on from me receiving a high number of complaints from residents about the state of the laneways with requests to see what could be done to do a major clean up.

“After direct talks with officials from Derry City Council they agreed to facilitate the clean up and they did a great job. The council only did this as a good will gesture and do not have normal powers to clean mews and lanes in private streets.”

He added: “Sadly it appears that some people are now again involved in illegal dumping in the same laneways after the major clean-up has taken place.

“These illegal dumpers are causing a mess. They should expect a visit from council officials as it’s totally unacceptable,” he said.