In Pics -Local women take ‘no make-up selfies’ for cancer charity

These are some of the brave women from the North West who’ve braved ‘selfies’ with no make up to raise money for cancer awareness.

On Wednesday of this week facebook was flooded with pictures of women as part of an awareness campaign. A few men even dared to take part.

Lisa McConnell Hewitt.

Lisa McConnell Hewitt.

All of the pictures of the women were taken without make-up.

The aim of the campaign is to raise money as well as awareness for cancer charities.

Once the women post their photos, they then donate money to a cancer charity.

Local taxi firm Culmore Taxis also got in on the campaign donating £1 for each pic tagged to their site and then offered prizes for local woman who posted their pictures.

Well done to the women to dared to have their picture used.