Inch creche safety breaches highlighted

The manager of the Donegal County Childcare Committee says it is disappointing the breaches highlighted in crèches here have taken place.

Speaking after the release of HSE inspection reports for three Donegal crèches, Avril McMonagle said, “Regulations have been out there for quite a while now, and it is disappointing to see that we’re still having this level of breach.”

In one Inishowen facility inspectors found that a shower hose in a play area at the First Steps Childminding Service at Inch could be a strangulation hazard.

The inspection which was carried out last April found that excessive heat on the surface of a radiator had posed a risk of injury. An exit door which was not secured left children vulnerable to going onto a roadway, according to the report.

Tracey Bradley of First Steps Child Minding Service in Inch said her crèche had passed 22 of 25 compliances.

She said the failed compliances related to the building and not to her childcare practice.

The crèche owner said she was pleased that such reports are now available to the public.

“It is fantastic that they are available to the public so the parents can have an insight into the service they are providing. I am not guilty of providing a bad service,” she said, adding that ‘best practice’ was paramount for her.

“Every time they visit it is a learning curve for me,” she said.

Hazards were found at two other creches in the county.

In Naionra An Choimin Cloghan it was found water was ‘unfit for human consumption’ while in Milford Fairytales Day Care revealed a number of electrical sockets were unprotected and washing facilites were inadequate.