Inconspicuous Gallantry

Marie Dunne and Orla Mullan in rehearsals for "Inconspicuous Gallantry".
Marie Dunne and Orla Mullan in rehearsals for "Inconspicuous Gallantry".
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Inconspicuous Gallantry is a newly developed production by the irrepressible Blue Eagle Theatre Company and writer/ director Jonathan Burgess who has previously scripted, amongst many others, the highly successful : “Crows on the Wire” and “Exodus.”

Jonathan Burgess : “ Some people now have me almost pidgeon- holed as a “Protestant playwright for a Protestant people” . My intention however is wider than that. My intention is to tell through drama very human stories that work theatrically but which also may contribute to all of us understanding “ the other “ better. Theatre can both entertain and enlighten. Inconspicuous Gallantry , a short production, not a full-blown play, has five separate scenes which presents dramatically some of the experiences of Tyrone based UDR men and women and their families during those horrific days of the Troubles. The script has grown out of quiet conversations with men and women who served during those dark and deadly days. I have chosen the title “Inconspicuous Gallantry” to call attention to the suffering that went on behind closed doors, far from the spotlight. No medals were bestowed to reward such pain, loss, bereavement, trauma. “

Inconspicuous Gallantry reaches a wider public with performances this week and next in the Strabane District Council area between 6th and 11th of November. First performance is in Castlederg on November 6, at 8pm in the Bridgetown Orange Hall. The following night, November 7, the production moves to the Newtonstewart 2000 Centre, also for 8pm. On Monday, November 10, the production reaches the Alley Theatre,Strabane, again at 8pm.The final performance is in the Sollus Centre, Bready on November 11th also at 8pm. Admission is free.

“Inconspicuous Gallantry will be concluded with a discussion facilitated by staff of the Derry-Londonderry based peace-building organisation, Towards Understanding and Healing. Training Director of Towards Understanding and Healing, Eamonn Baker adds, “It is crucial for peace-building to get all voices from all sides of the conflict into the public forum. Towards Understanding and Healing is committed to assisting the building of an inclusive and lasting peace process and projects such as “ Inconspicuous Gallantry”, where previously unheard stories are brought to all our attention can be very valuable. We have welcomed the support of both Peace 3 and Strabane District Council Good Relations Department in developing this project.”

Please contact the venues directly/or Carol Wright at 02871267519 for further information.

“Inconspicuous Gallantry” is funded jointly by SEUPB Peace 3 and Strabane District Council through its Good Relations grant aid programme.