India charity given £12,760

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Generous Derry massgoers who raised a staggering £12,760 to help destitute people in India have been praised by Action with Effect founder Eamon Melaugh who says he’s overwhelmed with the jaw-dropping amount of money,

Mr. Melaugh, who returned home this week after spending three weeks working in Delhi and the surrounding areas, says Derry people have undoubtedly saved impoverished lives by digging deep to help the local charity.

“I had spoken at Steelstown chapel before we left on our trip and people there were overwhelmingly generous to our cause. It left us able to do so many things out there,” he said. At mass in Steelstown I spoke about the kind of miracles that Jesus was able to perform and because of that money, and how far it can go out there, we were able to feed 5,000 people and more. Derry people should be really proud of themselves for this very fact.”

The local charity founder said his visit, the latest in a series he’s made in recent years, was remarkable and “truly eye-opening.”

Along with several travel companions, the 80-year-old fundraiser visited a leper colony and stayed on the streets until 4am helping feed the people who need it most.

“The lepers are totally loathed and despised and the generous people of Derry are helping us make a massive difference to their lives.”

He went on to say that he was particularly pleased with the amounts raised at a point where people in the city are struggling to pay their own bills.

“The fact that all I had to do was go and tell people our story at a local chapel really demonstrates the power of the spoken word.

“At times like this when working class people have very little extra money, the fact that they would choose to help us in such a massive way is just amazing. I genuinely believe there’s nowhere else in the world you’d get that kind of compassion towards others. The most generous people in the world per head of population are the people of Ireland and I believe Derry and parts of south Donegal have the most generous people within that.”