Inishowen 100 route being '˜overshadowed' by the Wild Atlantic Way

Concern has been expressed that the Wild Atlantic Way has 'completely overshadowed' the Inishowen 100 route, which is being 'overlooked.'

Friday, 15th July 2016, 11:00 am
The Inishowen 100 sign at Burnfoot.

Councillor Bernard McGuinness raised the issue at this week’s Inishowen Municipal District meeting, saying the topic was discussed at a recent tourism meeting.

Councillor McGuinness said many roads along the route had become overgrown with bushes and grass and suggested this be rectified. He also proposed that the route be renamed the ‘Inishowen Tourist Route’ in a bid to boost its profile.

He said: “First of all, I’ve asked year in, year out, for the grass to be cut along the Inishowen 100 route. In many areas it is very, very overgrown.

“Also, and this has come up at a tourism meeting, it is felt that the Inishowen 100 route has been overshadowed by the Wild Atlantic Way. Many tourists are asking what the Inishowen 100 actually is. I think we should consider changing the signage to the ‘Inishowen Tourist Route.’ I don’t want a knee jerk reaction but I do think it’s something that should be taken into consideration.”

Councillor Martin McDermott agreed, stating he was the person who had raised the issue at the Inishowen Torusim meeting amd that the route had “died in Inishowen.”

He said: “I agree with Councillor McGuinness. It is definitely something that is being overlooked. It has died in Inishowen and it’s something as a Municipal District we should look at and review again. It has deteriorated.”

Colr McGuinness said he enquired when the Wild Atlantic Way was launched whether the Inishowen 100 route would become part of it and this “hasn’t been clarified.”

He said: “It’s a beautiful route. Many people are going to Malin Head and leaving Inishowen and we need to market this better. I’d suggest we’d need to upgrade it in some way.”

Paddy Doherty, of Community and Enterprise, said he would take the comments on board and “come back” to the councillors.