Inishowen buzzing in the sun

One of the boats taking advantage of the great North West Weather. (2705SL27)
One of the boats taking advantage of the great North West Weather. (2705SL27)

Inishowen was buzzing this weekend as the scorching weather conditions throughout the peninsula brought tourists to all the main towns.

And with another week of sunshine predicted for the county, it’s likely the tourists will continue to come.

According to Met Eireann yesterday, apart from a minor blip tomorrow, Donegal can look forward to another week of warm sunny weather bringing with it a ‘positive festival’ feel to Inishowen.

As the Ras cyclists arrived into Buncrana on Thursday upwards of 1000 people were on the Main Street to greet them creating a festival atmosphere in the town.

Mayor of Buncrana, Nicholas Crossan, said the Ras was a perfect way to start the weekend.

“There was a brilliant atmosphere in the town, not only on Thursday for the Ras, but all weekend.

“The beaches from Lisfannon, Dunree and the shore front were all packed and it was great to see. But as well as this from what I hear today, the businesses in the town, pubs, restaurants and shops, also did a great bit of trade, which is great news.

Colr Crossan believes this is now time for businesses in the town to take advantage of the ‘good’ Sterling rate on offer.

“There is great value for money to be have in Buncrana at the minute and now businesses need to make people aware that there are products here cheaper.

“It has been quiet for us over the winter, but now when we have been blessed by such good weather people should get out there and showcase what there is on offer.”

The Buncrana Mayor says the weather is a great bonus for the town and commented how yesterday at 12pm there were more people on the beach in Buncrana then there was all summer.

Similarly another popular seaside town, Moville, experienced an “absolutely fantastic weekend”!.

Speaking to the ‘Journal’ yesterday, local councillor Martin Farren said it was lovely to see so many people about the town.

“The beaches at Shroove, Kinnego and along Moville’s shore were packed with people all weekend. Visitors and locals were out in force and it was absolutely fantastic to see.

“The Green area in Moville had people of all ages out enjoying the sunshine, I hope everyone had a great time and more importantly I hope they come back.”

Similar to Buncrana the Labour councillor said the local businesses in Moville and Greencastle did very well out of the good weather as well.

“I often say all this area is lacking is the good weather so if we could be guaranteed weather like it has been over the weekend for a few more days it would be amazing.

“The restaurants and shops were packed out all weekend with visitors coming to the town and that is brilliant for them to get a well deserved boost.”

Colr Farren said he hoped the sunshine would stay in time for the arrival of the Clipper Challenge to Greencastle from June 29 - July 7.

“If the weather was sunny over that week I think it would guarantee the success of the Clipper Challenge in our area, but I think it will be a huge success anyway it would just be nice to see the sun out when they are in the area.

“There is no nicer place to be than Inishowen when the sun is shining and the weather is nice.”