Inishowen inspires mystery

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There’s a new mystery writer in town; albeit it the fictional Inishowen town of Glendara in which Irish writer Andrea Carter has set her first novel ‘Death at Whitewater Church’. The murder mystery will be released on September 3 much to the delight of Andrea, a barrister by day who spent more than a decade working in her legal practice in Carndonagh before moving to Dublin 2005.

And it was at least in part missing the Inishowen landscape that prompted Andrea to step up her game and complete ‘Death at Whitewater Church’ and while it wasn’t an instant hit with publishers, she didn’t have to wait too long for an agent to snap her up.

“I had been sending the book out for a while, I would say a couple of months and was starting to get a little bit disheartened when I got a call from my now agent who asked my to send her the rest of my book. A few weeks later she called me and asked me to come over to London for a meeting and that as they say was that. All I had published before was a short story that had been shortlisted for a prize in the Irish Times,” said Andrea. “I had half-heartedly started the novel before I left Carndonagh and when I moved to Dublin I missed looking at Inishowen. I loved it there so much, the whole atmosphere and the landscape and that was what kept coming to me when I was writing it.

“I’m from Laois orginally but it was the Inishowen peninsula that came to me when I though of the setting for a murder mystery. I would say that it’s quite old school in style like Agatha Christie or PD James because I wouldn’t say that it’s a thriller but more of a mystery.

“The murder is revealed at the very beginning of the novel when a skeleton is discovered wrapped in a blanket in the crypt of a church. The detective in the mystery turns out to be a solicitor who is acting for the owners of the church and you’ll have to read it to find out the rest.”

Andrea has already finished her second novel and hopes to swap a career in law for one writing full time: “I had taken a leave of abscence from the bar and hope that I can continue writing the series. I’m over the moon that I’m able to do something that I’ve always loved and am so excited to finally see the book on the shelves.”

‘Death at Whitewater Church’ is published by littlebrown and will be available from September 3.