Inishowen stands in solidarity with Gaza in “emotional” vigil

A section of the attendance at Moville's Gaza Vigil at the Square on Saturday. DER3014MC157
A section of the attendance at Moville's Gaza Vigil at the Square on Saturday. DER3014MC157

Over 80 people from across Inishowen stood in solidarity with the people of Palestine on Friday afternoon.

The ‘Vigil of Compassionate Solidarity’ was held in Moville Square at 2.30pm and organiser Rose Kelly told the ‘Journal’ the event was emotional, with many attendees shedding tears for the people of Gaza.

Many people brought keys, symbolising the ‘right to return’ and flowers and there was also music, poetry and a minute’s silence.

They ate food and drink prepared with Palestinian produce, as a way of remembering “common humanity.”

“Those who attended the vigil were very moved,” said Rose.

“People stood in solidarity with the people of Palestine and I think it was a recognition of people together, who were saying: “This has to stop.”

“What struck me, as we were all gathered together there on a beautiful, sunny day in Moville, was that it could have been a scene in Gaza. Children were running about, in good spirits. There were two ladies sitting on summer seats and other, ordinary people meandering about. But, in Gaza, the same scene could be gone in an instant. Their lives torn away from them, just like that. It’s a war on children and the images we are seeing are absolutely horrendous.”

Rose said she was “overwhelmed” by the level of support for the vigil within the local community.

She said: “There seems to be a real desire to fundraise and want to help or show support. Anyone we asked to help jumped at the chance and said: “My pleasure.”

“I had people coming up to me all week, asking if they could do anything for the vigil. One woman stopped me on the beach to tell me she wouldn’t be able to make it, but was behind us all the way.

“We had a display on the Square and a lot of people left flowers there. People in Moville and Inishowen seem to want to help and stand in solidarity. We had people attend the vigil from all areas, including Derry.”

One such guest was Foyle East MLA Colum Eastwood, who was welcomed to the locality by Moville-based County Councillor Martin Farren.

A substantial sum of money has been raised locally to gift to Derry woman Helen Derry, who will be travelling next month with a convoy of medical aid for Gaza.

“This is so important,” said Rose.

“Even if this all ended tomorrow, this aid will be needed as the effects of what is happening will go on for a long time to come. We were very moved and delighted with the support the people of Inishowen and Moville gave us and it’s just the start. We have to stand with the people of Gaza.”