INLA victim tells 'Journal' 'I did deal in drugs - but not anymore'

A man wounded in an INLA gun attack in the city's Waterside last week has told the 'Journal' he has now given up drug dealing.

26-year-old Shaun Johnston was wounded in the leg when three gunshots were fired through the front window of his Waterside home on Wednesday, August 19.

Mr. Johnston initially denied claims from the INLA that he was targeted because he was involved in the drugs trade.

But the 26 year-old this week retracted his original statement and told the 'Journal' that he had sold small amounts of herbal cannabis - but only enough to fund his own drug habit.

"I did deal a bit of grass but it was very small amounts," he said. "I was not a major dealer.

"I originally said I wasn't involved in drugs but I now want to retract that. I was actually selling cannabis to get enough money to feed my own habit.

"Despite what I said and what my sister said at the time, I now want to admit that I was selling grass."

Mr. Johnston added that a statement from one of his friends rejecting the INLA claims was also untrue.

The Waterside father-of-three insists he has now stopped selling drugs.

"I don't do it anymore and I won't be selling drugs again. I want to get on with my life and I'm starting a new job soon.

"I regret what I have done and I just want to put it all behind me."

Mr Johnston, who now walks with a limp following the shooting, says he is still in pain.

"I still have a lot of pain in my leg but it could have been worse. I'm just trying to move on now," he said.