Interface violence ‘cheats entire community’ - PSNI

Grafitti that appeared on Free Derry Corner on Monday night. 0804Jm12
Grafitti that appeared on Free Derry Corner on Monday night. 0804Jm12

PSNI Chief Superintendent Stephen Cargin has said the past week’s civil disturbances and attacks on police close to The Fountain estate, were “cheating the entire community.”

Additional police resources have been drafted into Derry due to the rising interface tensions and tomorrow’s 32CSM hunger strike vigil. Community members of the Fountain have reported attacks on their estate every night since last Tuesday. On Friday night alone in excess of 25 petrol bombs were thrown at officers by children who Chief Superintendent Cargin described as in the 13 - 14 age bracket. Speaking yesterday CI Cargin said: “These attacks unfortunately cheat the rest of the community as officers are redirected from planned anti-crime operations. These people are damaging their own community.”

The Chief Superintendent said: “Of particular concern is the number of petrol bombs being thrown. This is young teenagers using deadly weapons. This is not a sport, this is a deadly activity. I challenge the parents: ‘Do you know what your child is actually doing’?

“If you smell petrol or smoke off your child would you not actually ask them what they are doing? Bring them in and take control of them. Our warning to these people is we are coming looking for you. We have significant CCTV footage and we will do everything we can to catch them and take them before the courts.”