Invest NI to build new road to further open up Campsie

Invest NI wants to build a new road at the Campsie Industrial Estate.
Invest NI wants to build a new road at the Campsie Industrial Estate.

Invest NI wants to build a new access road to further develop lands zoned for industrial use in Campsie.

The state development agency has applied for the construction of an access road to facilitate the further development of land zoned for industry at the Campsie Industrial Estate.

The new road, if approved, will run between the old Fruit of the Loom factory at Campsie and the Clooney Road.

The body has a significant land holding inDerry.

Three years ago Investment Minister Arlene Foster confirmed it held 414 acres of land (15 times the size of the Walled City) worth £7.5m with 104 acres (four times the size of the land within the Walls) and that this landholding was available to qualifying businesses for occupation.

Speaking at the time, Mrs Foster stated: “Invest NI’s land is held in support of economic development projects brought forward by qualifying businesses with an approved business case and immediate property need.

“Within the Foyle Constituency the agency holds approximately 414 acres across six business parks.

“Whilst a significant proportion of this has been developed and is occupied by businesses there remains approximately 104 acres available to qualifying businesses.

“Invest NI employs a long term strategy in respect of its land holding and does not hold land in reserve.”

According to the fresh planning application the site affected by the new road covers an area of 12.4 hectares.

Relevant neighbours at the Clooney Road and the Donneybrewer Road have been notified of the proposal to build the new road.