Invite to Strathfoyle community from new steering group

A bird's eye view of the Strathfoyle area.
A bird's eye view of the Strathfoyle area.

A special event will take place in Strathfoyle on Saturday as different community groups come together to look ahead to the future of the area with a joined up approach.

Community Planning is a new way for councils, the community, voluntary and statutory sectors to engage with communities in working together to improve services where change is most needed. It is already underway in some places and will be part of the new legislation establishing the new councils in 2015.

A project steering group has recently been set up in Strathfoyle to look at creating a community plan for the Strathfoyle area that all local groups, Council and other statutory bodies can work towards implementing over the next five years.

The ‘Strathfoyle Community Planning Steering Group’ includes representation from the Strathfoyle Community Association, Strathfoyle Women’s Activity Group, Tiny Tots Community Play Group, Enagh Youth Forum and Strathfoyle Youth Centre (WELB).

A spokesperson for the Enagh Youth Forum - one of the groups involved - said: “Our aim is to positively and pro-actively engage with local residents and all other local groups, clubs and organisations to come up with a community plan for the area before the end of June 2015.

“As part of this process people are invited to attend our jointly organised ‘Community Planning Engagement Day.’ The event will take place at Strathfoyle Youth Centre and will run from 10am-6pm

This is your opportunity to make a difference and a chance for people to have have their voices heard and develop their vision for Strathfoyle over the next five years. We would ask people to please take five minutes out of their time to drop in and help make a difference in this area. Every voice matters. We need the input of local residents moving forward together.”