Ireland’s smallest art gallery hosts first expo

Ireland’s smallest art gallery - located at the Bedlam vintage market on Derry’s Great James’ Street - will stage its inaugural exhibition this evening as part of the Culture Night celebrations.

The Caligari Gallery - the brainchild of local artist Patrick Bradley - is set in a three foot by two foot antique medicine cabinet.

Its first ever exhibition, which will be unveiled at 7 p.m., is entitled “Shelf Life” and will feature paintings, drawings and sculptures by four local artists.

Patrick Bradley sees the gallery’s diminutive size as an advantage: “Exhibitions can be organised quickly in a guerilla type fashion - no nonsense, no frills and no pretension,” he told the ‘Journal’.

“My idea is simply to show interesting work. I am an artist, primarily, but I have run galleries before and, hopefully, I have a feel for what both parties want. Low overheads and the small size make it easier for both myself and the artist to get ideas out there.

“I see it as a Jack Russell of a gallery - it does what other galleries do but can get into places others can’t. And can bite good, too! I aim to show artists at the start of their career and lesser known artists. Offbeat and quirky will be the order of the day, too. Subversive in a gentle way. But I won’t avoid the beautiful.

“If I see interesting work on my travels, I will aim to contact the artist and try to get their work shown in Derry. Because of the small scale, it may be possible to post some work, so distance should not be a major problem.”

On show at the “Shelf Life” exhibition will be work by Patrick Bradley himself and three other local artists - Anne Patterson, David Hegarty and Peter Hughes - all of whom have shown extensively locally, nationally and internationally.

The Caligari Gallery is located at the Bedlam Vintage & Retro Emporium at 35, Great James’ Street. Tonight’s event kicks-off at 7 p.m.