Israeli feminist and academic to speak in Sandino’s on Monday night

Professor Smadar Lavie.
Professor Smadar Lavie.

A talk by an Israeli feminist and academic in Derry on Monday (Sept. 15th) will provide a new perspective on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Professor Smadar Lavie says that one of the reasons for the assault on Gaza was to pre-empt protests by oppressed Israelis against the ruling elite.

Racism between Jews of European origin (the Ashkenazim) and Jews from North Africa and the Middle East (the Mizrahim) is rarely mentioned in Middle East coverage. But Professor Lavie, herself member of the Mizrahim community, says that it is central to the politics of the region.

Professor Lavie was a co-founder of Ahoti, the feminist-of-colour movement in Israel. She is affiliated with both University College Cork and the University of California at Berkeley.

The meeting, organised by the Derry Anti War Coalition, will begin at 7.30 in Sandino’s.