‘It could have been a tragedy’

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A young Derry family were left badly shaken on Sunday evening when youths hurled petrol bombs at their car in the Bogside - with one petrol bomb smashing against a window just inches from their 20 month-old baby boy inside.

The incident occurred around 7.30pm on Sunday night as the family’s car approached the Flyover from the Bogside.

Thankfully, neither of the petrol bombs ignited upon impact, with the second missile just missing the vehicle’s windscreen and hitting the road.

The baby’s parents described those responsible for the petrol bomb attack as “10 or 11 year-old boys” and, although they escaped unscathed, both are understandably shaken up by the ordeal.

“I am just glad that we are all grand and no one was hurt,” the mother said afterwards.

“It was just sheer luck that this was not a disastrous situation. I am absolutely horrified - it could have been a tragedy.”

Sinn Fein Colr Patricia Logue described the incident as “shocking” and added: “The actions of a very, very small number of young people should not take away from the successful community Féile held in the area over the past week. Community workers and residents worked tirelessly throughout the weekend to ensure it was as peaceful as possible.”

Colr Logue urged parents to be more vigilant. “Parents cannot abdicate responsibility for the behaviour of their children especially when it’s clearly placing them in volatile and dangerous situations,” she said.

Local SDLP MLA Pat Ramsey also condemned the “mindless” attack.

“We are trying so hard to collectively market the city over the summer months and these attacks on anyone, never mind a vehicle with a young child in them, must be utterly stamped out,” Mr Ramsey added.