‘It’s a recipe for collisions or worse’ - Colr. Dobbins

The hording beside the the Ballynagard development on the footpath in Culmore this week.
The hording beside the the Ballynagard development on the footpath in Culmore this week.

SDLP Councillor Angela Dobbins has raised concerns with regard to the scheduled entrance to the new shopping complex development on Ballynagard Rd.

Colr. Dobbins has now requested a site visit with Transport NI development department to highlight the concerns.

“When this development was announced I warmly welcomed it as an enhancement to the Culmore area. I did however highlight concerns regarding the site entrance for construction vehicles to the development.

“I am now led to believe that this will be the actual entrance into the new complex on its completion and I am, like other road users, extremely worried. It is a recipe for multiple collisions or worse.

This entrance is on a narrow road which suffers congestion on a regular basis as it is used by adjoining Elmvale, Ardanlee and Culmore Square residents, also used by commuters to the local schools and adjoins the main arterial route to both the city and Donegal.”

Colr. Dobbins went on raise concerns about how the footpaths beside the development have been affected.

“It also has a limited footpath which, for the last six months has been blocked by the developer with boarding causing danger for the disabled, children going to school and mothers with prams. I was also given assurances regarding this and these have never been honoured.

“The entrance for vehicles is very close to the junction of Ballynagard Road and the main Culmore Road. It is also very close to an exit from a residential area housing fifteen households. Residents have been blocked in due to large construction lorries unable to negotiate the entrance and using their parking areas as a turning bay.

My concerns echo those living in the vicinity, there will be larger goods containers delivering to the planned supermarket and a larger volume of vehicles using the amenities in this complex. This will evidently lead to heightened traffic congestion and longer delays.”