‘It’s about not coming home in a hearse’

PSNI Inspector Steven Haslett.
PSNI Inspector Steven Haslett.

The only safe limit is no alcohol when you’re driving.

That’s the message to Roe Valley motorists from police as part of their anti-drink drive campaign.

“The warning is be responsible, be aware of the dangers of drink driving and that ‘it could happen to you’,” said PSNI Road Policing Inspector Steven Haslett.

“I think people, particularly those who are not used to drinking alcohol, or large amounts of alcohol, get caught out at Christmas just by the party atmosphere, and the influence of friends and the general scene.

“There is no safe limit.

“I think most people are aware nowadays, but maybe think it doesn’t apply to them.”

“The only safe limit is no alcohol when you’re driving.

“It’s all about planning, and not coming back in a hearse,” said Insp. Haslett.

He revealed last Christmas, 273 people were detected driving while over the legal alcohol limit.

“It’s the time of the year. People who never think of drinking and driving get caught in the party atmosphere and think they’ll be alright. It’s never alright.”

Insp. Haslett warned about driving the day after a night out.

He added: “People know themselves. If they’re feeling groggy, have a sore head, or feel sick, it is not sensible to get behind the wheel of a car.

“Never mind being over the limit, you have the potential to kill, or seriously injure someone.”