It’s me or the car

Corey with presenter Aine Goggins.
Corey with presenter Aine Goggins.

She’s the Derry woman on a mission to come between Irish men and their love of cars.

23 years-old Corey Hanna from the Waterside is set to star in an outrageous new dating show beginning on TG4 next week.

Irish language show Pioc Do Ride allows one lucky lady get the chance to pick from three eligible bachelors to take her on the date of a lifetime.The choice will be hers and hers alone but there is a catch. She will not get to meet her three suitors before she makes her decision and will only be introduced to their cars.

Once she has made her choice the identity of her mystery man will be revealed and the pair will be introduced to each other.

In a final twist the chosen gent will be back in the driving seat. He will choose between taking his match on a €250 date or instead spending that €250 euro on his beloved car at Advanced Pitstop.

“You can tell a lot about a person from the inside of their car,” said kickboxer Corey. “From the stuff they have and particularly from their music collection which can be a bit surprising.”

Corey, a former Foyle College student stars in the first ever episode of the show which is filmed entirely in the Irish language, on Thursday, September 24.

She’s keeping tight lipped about the outcome of the show but says it’s good craic to watch.

But she’ll have to choose between smooth talking Adam from Carlow, Irish dancer Liam Antaine from Kerry, and modified car enthusiast Paddy from Kilkenny.

“I won’t tell you how it ended up, but the three guys were dressed like the Stig from Top Gear and watched from afar while I rummaged in their cars,” she said. “They then had to do a driving test.

“I think I was probably asked to be on the show because the producer thought my Irish was good. I’m currently doing a Masters in Irish.

“I previously went to the Bun Scoil, my mum and dad brought don’t speak Irish but when they went to look at nurseries they saw that I just settled so well in the Irish language ones. I was the youngest person to do my GCSE Irish in Foyle College.

“For my A-Levels I went to Irish classes at Lumen Christi.

“It’s not the first time I’ve done television.

“I was in the Irish show The Hoobs and I’ve done some news.

“I’d really like to get into making more Irish language television shows.

Pioc do ride is a 13 part series which will broadcast on TG4 every Thursday at 10pm. The first episode will air on the 24th September.