ITVs ‘Lost Love Stories’ is on the search for romantic reunions!

There’s something romantic about the idea of a lost love, a relationship that never quite ran its natural course and could be reignited someday.

Thursday, 31st October 2019, 9:51 am
Davina McCall and the Long Lost Family team are looking for romantic reunions.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that one in five people long to get back with an old flame, and now a new television show from ITV is searching for pining lovers in the Derry area.

The team who make ‘Long Lost Family’ have been reuniting people with missing family members for a decade and now they want to bring romantic soulmates together after years apart. Believing that the recent history of Northern Ireland may have indirectly resulted in a few star-crossed lovers, the ITV team have asked Journal readers for help. The turbulence of The Troubles and waves of migration mean many couples may have been separated by circumstances.

The Derry area has provided heart-warming stories in the past. Avril Trenklet and Bob Fanuce proved that true love never dies when they married nearly 50 years after first meeting.

Derry factory girl, Avril first met US Marine Bob in 1959 when he was stationed at a Naval base in Derry. After a whirlwind romance the couple got engaged but Bob got cold feet and called it off. As the years passed and they got on with their lives, both marrying other people and having families, but Avril says she always knew that one day they would be together again. One day out of the blue Avril, who was now widowed, got an email from Bob, sparking their reunion and a second proposal. This time the wedding went ahead and the pair finally got their happy ending.

The Long Lost Family team are looking for more lost loves like Bob and Avril. They only intend to reunite people who are single and happy to meet as friends - who knows, the spark might still be there. So, if you want to reconnect with someone from your past call 020 3301 8577 or email [email protected]