Ivy Mead flood plan to build readiness

Karen Mullan
Karen Mullan

The Permanent Secretary at the Department for Infrastructure, Peter May, has confirmed flood assessments have been carried out at Ivy Mead and other high risk areas hit by the severe rainstorms of August 2017.

Mr. May indicated DFI was working to develop a ‘community resilience group’ in Ivy Mead to better cope with future flooding.

The departmental chief outlined the developments after being contacted by Sinn Féin Foyle MLA Karen Mullan, who has welcomed the progress.

Two years ago the North Western Flood Risk Management Plan forecast significant flooding at the Burnagibbagh near Ivy Mead could affect 76 residential and 13 non-residential properties and cause £409,788 of damage. On Monday, August 22 last, a number of homes were indeed damaged in the aftermath of adverse flooding that did affect the area.

Mrs. Mullan said: “I have been contacted by a number of constituents in the areas surrounding Ivy Mead whose homes were damaged as a result of severe flooding in August.

“I had written to the Permanent Secretary of the Department for Infrastructure to query what measures have been put in place to alleviate further flooding in that area.

“I am pleased that the Department have now completed assessments in Ivy Mead and other at risk areas in the north west in order to implement the EU Floods Directive.

“Feasibility works are also ongoing to determine if viable flood alleviation can be taken forward.

“The commitment from the Rivers Section to establish a ‘Community Resilience Group’ in the Ivy Mead area will be beneficial in providing residents with advice on preparation to deal with the impact of future flooding.”