James and Emily most popular Derry baby names

James and Emily were the most popular names for babies born in Derry last year.

Research carried out by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) showed parents in the North West favoured more traditional names last year.

Parents in Strabane chose Charlie and Sophie as the most popular names for new borns in 2011 while in Limavady, Jack and Sophia were the most popular choices for first names. Across the north Jack and Sophie were the most popular names for babies born last year. Jack has been the most popular boys’ name for the last nine years while Sophie is the most popular girls’ name for the second consecutive year.

As of December 20, around 300 baby boys were named Jack while 260 baby girls were named Sophie.

James, Matthew, Ethan and Daniel make up the north’s top five popular baby names, while Grace, Emily, Sophia and Lily make up the top five for girls.

The NISRA research further reveals Jack and Sophie are popular for new mothers across all age groups, while Tyler and Mia are increasingly popular amongst younger mothers. In contrast more traditional names such as Michael and Sarah are more popular with older mothers.