James McClean explains why he helped six homeless people in Derry

James McClean.
James McClean.

Republic of Ireland international and Stoke City F.C. player, James McClean, has explained why he decided to help six homeless people in Derry by paying for food and accommodation at a local hotel.

Derry natives and people from all over Ireland heaped praise upon McClean, 29, on Monday when it emerged that he and wife, Erin McClean, paid for six homeless people in Derry to spend a couple of nights in the warm and plush surroundings of the Maldron Hotel in Derry's city centre.

McClean also paid for the six people to have something to eat for the duration of their stay.

The reaction on social media on Monday was unprecedented with the vast, vast majority of people praising McClean and describing him and wife Erin as a credit to Derry.

"No one in this day and age should be homeless," declared McClean on social media.

"I choose to help these people regardless if they are Romanian, Irish, African or whatever that shouldn’t matter.

"I don't do it for praise, not for attention, simply because it's the right thing to do."

McClean then revealed that he has been in contact with the authorities responsible for social housing in Derry and said that all six people will be offered permanent accomodation after December 17.

"I got a phone call last night to say that the homeless people in Derry will be spoken to after Wednesday and offered a two week temporary accommodation and from December 17 they will be offered permanent accommodation - to me that is huge success.

"I want to thank everyone that helped in helping these people, especially the staff at the Maldron Hotel who were great and could have easily rejected these people."