Japanese Festival for Fukushima

A family fun day of events is being hosted by the Northwest Japanese Family Association at The Craft Village this Saturday.

The event is being held both as a fundraiser for and a reminder of the fact that, many Japanese families are still suffering the effects of March 11, when a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, tsunami and the resulting nuclear contamination caused the deaths of over 20, 000 and many more were forced to flee the area, yet to return.

Although almost seven months have passed since the earthquake occurred, more than 100, 000 people are still displaced from their home. They are living in shelters or temporary houses, while no more than 50% of the resulting rubble has been cleared.

Former residents of the Fukushima Prefecture are bracing themselves for a winter in which they are homeless.

The event entitled, ‘Japanese Autumn Festival: Don’t Give Up Fukishima’ will see Japanese families resident in Derry and Donegal come together in a cultural celebration.

Proceeds will go toward the ‘Soma City Orphan Scholarship Fund’ thereby helping those children who lost parents in the disasters.

The event is described by organisers as “the very first comprehensive display of Japanese culture.” It will incorporate the Traditional Tea Ceremony with an authentic Japanese tea set, Origami workshop, Kimono (Japanese traditional dress), that is a fashion show and Try-On, Japanese Taiko drums performance and, of course, Japanese cuisine, aimed at the people in North West.

Fukushima resident Yoriko Marshall, who is from Fukushima and now lives in Northern Ireland, will report her observations of Fukushima following her visit there six months after the tragedy. The Japanese Autumn Festival 2011 “Never Give Up! Fukushima, will be held at The Craft Village on Saturday October 8, from 11.30 am - 5 pm. Admission is free.