Jimmy Carr resigns

Jimmy Carr.
Jimmy Carr.

Derry City Councillor Jimmy Carr has resigned from Derry City Council amid new claims made in a Sunday newspaper that he sent lewd messages from a council owned iPad.

The move comes shortly after he said he would be “open to talks” with the SDLP with a view to him returning to the party.

Colr. Carr lost the support of the SDLP less than 48 hours before the recent election after the Derry Journal exclusively revealed that messages of a “questionable” nature had been discovered on a Derry City Council (DCC) iPad.

Officially, Mr. Carr was still an SDLP councillor but he suggested he might become an independent and his role within council remained unclear before his resignation.

In his resignation letter, Mr Carr said: “In light of recent allegations I feel that I must concentrate on my health and my personal life in a private and non-confrontational arena. I am also mindful in this decision that Derry City Council should not be a focus in any allegations levied against me.”

Until the latest claims, he had suggested he wanted to mend bridges.

“I would be open to talks with those who have responsibility for this type of decision but I will not be talking to anyone at a local level from the SDLP.

“The way I was treated was disgraceful and it most certainly cost me my seat at last month’s local government elections,” claimed Mr Carr.

Mr. Carr told the Sunday Journal that he would be contacting DCC officials over the next few days to ask what he needs to do should he want to officially sit out the rest of his term in council as an independent candidate. But in the light of the latest claims, he has now resigned.