Job losses in Buncrana as Bradley’s Eurospar closes

Closed shutters this evening at Buncrana's Eurospar supermarket.
Closed shutters this evening at Buncrana's Eurospar supermarket.

There was shock in Buncrana today at the sudden closure of one of its supermarkets.

Customers of Bradley’s Eurospar met with closed shutters this morning at the premises on St Mary’s Road.

It is understood up to 13 staff members have lost their jobs. Many had been working there for a number of years, including two have given over 30 years of service.

The news has shocked and saddened the local community.

The store is run by well-known businessman and former Buncrana town councillor Paul Bradley and his family.

Buncrana-based county councillor Rena Donaghey told the ‘Journal’ the closure was “absolutely devastating.”

She said: “This is a huge loss to Buncrana. I feel so sorry for those involved. I understand up to 13 people have lost their jobs.

“The business has been in the Bradley family for generations and was located on the main street for years, before moving to the new premises a number of years ago. Paul’s a personal friend of mine and I know to close the doors for the final time must have been devastating.

“It’s blow not only to the staff but also to the people of Buncrana. This is another local service and facility lost.”