Jobs at risk at private hospital

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Up to 60 jobs are at risk at a private hospital in Ballykelly.

The North West Independent Hospital have confirmed that a third of the workforce could be made redundant as they move to “significantly reduce staff numbers”.

A spokesperson for the clinic said the redundancies were the direct result of a decision to end NHS referrals.

“The number of staff to be made redundant is not clear but up to a third of the total workforce of 180 could be involved.

“The need for us to reduce staff numbers is a direct result of the cessation of NHS referrals.

“For many years we have provided a professional service to the NHS to help reduce the time patients have had to wait on operations.

“Despite the fact that these operations were carried out at a price which compared favourably to the cost of the operation being undertaken within the NHS, the referral work has now been terminated.

“We greatly appreciate the support and commitment shown by our staff and greatly regret the need to make redundancies.”