Jogger spots suspicious object near Magilligan Prison


Police have closed off a stretch of the Point Road at Magilligan after the discovery of a suspicious object.

A PSNI spokesperson said the object was spotted by a jogger near to a local sewage plant shortly before 2.30pm on Monday.

The wastewater treatment works at Magilligan is situated opposite the prison.

A local resident caught up in the alert told the ‘Journal’: “It’s very inconvenient because I can’t get home. I just want to get home.”

SDLP Colr. Gerry Mullan said: “It’s unfortunate people still believe by behaving in this manner they have some kind of influence when the reality of it is they are disrupting people’s lives; local people who have no tolerance for this type of behaviour.

“Coming up now to Christmas, it’s ridiculous because people have better things to be dealing with, and they don’t need this.”

Earlier this year there was a security alert at the prison, which caused some disruption for local businesses following a report of a suspicious object. However, ATO examined the suspicious object and declared it to be nothing untoward.

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