John Duddy joins Marian Price campaign

John Duddy. (220612)
John Duddy. (220612)

Derry boxer John Duddy is to speak at a function for republican prisoner Marian Price in New York next Wednesday.

The Derry-based Prisons Crisis Group have welcomed the former middleweight contender’s support for the campaign to free Ms Price.

The Galliagh man will join Peter Quinn, author of New York Times bestseller ‘The Banished Children of Eve’, Larry Kirwan, lead singer with the band Black 47, and other writers and musicians for a series of readings on Wednesday, June 27.

PCG spokeswoman Betty Doherty said: “Marian’s case is now attracting attention on an increasingly wide basis, both in Ireland and internationally.

“The fact that a woman can be detained without trial for more than a year and with no release date at the whim of a British politician strikes most people outside Ireland as absolutely shocking and incredible.

“The original charge has now been withdrawn - but Marian is still held in Hydebank Wood prison where, potentially, she could remain for the rest of her life. This is an outrage against justice.

“We call on other people of influence and renown to add their voices to John Duddy’s.”

Closer to home, the Prisons Crisis Group, with the support of SDLP MLA Colum Eastwood, presented a 3,000 strong petition to Owen Patterson, NI Secretary of State, calling for the release of Marian Price.

Addressing Mr Patterson at the event, a spokesperson said: “It is significant that it makes sense for us to direct this plea to you personally.

“In normal circumstances in any jurisdiction, it would not be in the gift of a politician on his or her own to order the release of a prisoner.

“But in this case, of course, it was you personally who ordered that Marian be imprisoned and you personally who can end her imprisonment.

“We demand that you undo the denial of civil rights and injustice, which you have inflicted on Marian by freeing her now.”