'˜Just and Fair' campaign headed to Stormont

A local charity calling for a review of the family justice system in the north, is to take its campaign to Stormont next month.

Friday, 31st August 2018, 3:00 pm
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 12:17 pm
La Dolce Vita founder Donna Marie Logue, speaking at the recent launch of the Just and Fair Campaign in the City Hotel. DER2218G040

La Dolce Vita is an organisation which supports those impacted by domestic abuse.

With the ‘Just and Fair’ campaign,’ the charity hopes to draw attention to the experience of victims’ engaged with the family justice system.

The campaign will highlight the mental health impact on the victim, their children and the generations which follow.

Donna Maria Logue, founder of the charity, is one of the many mothers who has been affected by the family justice system.

“La Dolce Vita Project is requesting a review of the current legislation in Northern Ireland which pertains to the family justice system. We want to highlight the plight of those victims of domestic abuse and violence, who are living without their children.”

She said that so often after an abusive relationship has ended, the cycle of abuse continues in court.

“Women and men who have left abusive relationships are often dragged through court and face false accusations which they must prove to be lies.

“They have to go through rigours of court proceedings, which are often not in the best interests of the child, but cause the resident parent and children further emotional, mental and physical harm,” she added.

Ms. Logue said this is another way for the perpetrator to ‘control the victim and the children’.

“What we want to do with this campaign is highlight victims’ human rights and to call for accountability and justice within the system.”

The campaign launch in Stormont is being hosted by the Alliance MLA, Paula Bradshaw.

She said: “We must put an end to a system which encourages confrontation and false allegations in the interests of the parents over a fair and mediated settlement in the interests of the child.”