Kerr graffiti the work of ‘mindless cretins’

Some of the graffitti doubs in Strabane in the wake the murder of Ronan Kerr. (1204JB62)
Some of the graffitti doubs in Strabane in the wake the murder of Ronan Kerr. (1204JB62)

Those responsible for graffiti in Strabane gloating over the death of PSNI officer Ronan Kerr have been branded “ mindless cretins” by the town’s MP.

West Tyrone Sinn Féin MP Pat Doherty says the community was “ appalled” by the emergence of the graffiti in the Ballycolman area of the town late last week.

“The entire community of Ballycolman is absolutely appalled to have woken up this morning to this sickening sight,” Mr Doherty said.

The MP says a well known local GAA representative who had an official role at Constable Kerr’s funeral was also targeted via the graffiti.

“Property throughout the area has been defaced by this graffiti gloating at the murder of Ronan Kerr and attacking a well respected GAA figure in this community.

“This is the product of mindless cretins who have absolutely nothing to contribute to this community.”

Mr Doherty’s condemnation was echoed by local Sinn Fein representative Stephen Dunnion and chair of Strabane District Council Michaela Boyle.

Mr Dunnion says the community had reacted angrily to the graffiti.

“Local people are completely incensed that the suffering of the Kerr family is being compounded by a few brainless idiots who in no way reflect the feelings of this decent and close knit community.

“The graffiti is also targeting a well respected local GAA figure because of his official role at Ronan’s Kerr’s funeral. “This figure has contributed his entire adult life to the betterment of this community and to Tyrone GAA and those who did this last night would not be fit to tie his shoelaces and as Irish man or a Gael.

Ms Boyle says whoever was responsible did not reflect local sentiment.