Kevin Lynch ‘slur’ ‘offensive’

The brother of Dungiven hunger striker, Kevin Lynch says comments by TUV Colr. Boyd Douglas describing his brother as “suicidal” are “offensive”.

In a statement following Sunday’s hunger strike commemoration in Dungiven, Colr. Douglas referred to “a march to celebrate the suicidal Kevin Lynch”

Kevin’s Lynch’s brother Gerald said: “What Kevin and all the hunger strikers did, they did for all the prisoners. His remark is offensive and derogatory.”

Colr. Douglas called Sunday’s event a “terror fest” and referred to “one Republican dressed in an RUC uniform” who “was carrying a rifle while others were dressed in riot gear and carrying batons”.

“It would also have been impossible for the PSNI to say if the weapons were genuine or not as they were nowhere to be seen,” he said, adding “the laissez-faire attitude to policing is in stark contrast to the PSNI’s approach to the Loyalist band parade in Limavady on Friday night where there was a very visible police presence. Why the double standards? and said it would be raised with the Parades Commission, the First Minister and the PSNI.

Sinn Fein’s Sean McGlinchey said the PSNI and Parades Commission were aware of the parade for all 10 1981 hunger strikers, and content all replica weapons were licensed and said he didn’t recall Colr. Douglas complaining about UVF and other Unionist paramilitary paraphernalia carried in loyal order marches. “Kevin Lynch is held in high esteem throughout the world for his sacrifice and no amount of slurring from Boyd Douglas or anyone else will change that fact.”