Kids as young as 11-years caught at alcohol-fuelled party

Police have told of their horror after kids as young as 11-years were discovered at an alcohol-fuelled party in a park.

Sunday, 14th April 2019, 5:57 pm
Updated Sunday, 14th April 2019, 7:22 pm

A revealing post on PSNI Foyle in recent days showed the adjoining photograph of copious amounts of alcohol with the message: "Ballyarnett NPT haven’t suddenly become raving party animals. This is actually some of what greeted us yesterday evening at Culmore Point".

Police say they "found 200 youths in a field, ranging in age from as young as 11 to 19 years old" adding - "It was like Zulu Dawn".

"We were young once too but gatherings like this are intimidating for residents and more importantly we have young girls and boys being fed drink by older teens.

The alcohol confiscated by PSNI

"Is this a situation you want your child to be in?

"Never mind the risk of these drunk teens messing so close to the water".

In an appeal to parents PSNI say: "Parents please be aware where your kids are especially as the weather improves and over the Easter break.

"#CompleteMayhem #WhereDoTheyGetTheCash#KeepingPeopleSafe".