Kieran Doherty murder report to be submitted to Secretary of State

Lord Carlisle’s report into the murder of Derry man Kieran Doherty is to be given to the Secretary of State within a month, it’s been confirmed.

Derry SDLP MLA Pól Callaghan was given the commitment during a meeting with the independent reviewer of MI5 at Stormont. Mr Callaghan was part of an SDLP delegation discussing MI5’s role in the North.

He said he was “pleased” about the pledge, adding that the murder of Kieran Doherty was “not only a horrific tragedy for his family but a crime against the entire community in Derry”.

“This killing was a shocking reminder of the dark days of self-appointed executors taking Irish people to dark lanes and brutally taking their lives. The overwhelming majority of people rejected those deeds then and our city still rejects those efforts now. The Doherty family has pursued legitimate queries about the role that MI5 may have played leading up to Kieran’s death. No person or agency should be beyond the rule of law and the PSNI must have full cooperation from MI5 in respect of this investigation.”

Foyle MP Mark Durkan secured the involvement of the independent reviewer of MI5 in the North, Lord Carlisle last year.

“I was pleased to learn from him that he intends to forward the report of his inquiry to the Secretary of State in the next four weeks.

He added: “I am sure the family will want reassurance that any information that MI5 may hold relevant to Kieran Doherty’s murder is provided to the PSNI team investigating this crime.

“The wider community deserves assurance that intelligence gathering is done always within the law and with the accountability that the people of Ireland mandated.”