‘Lack of investment fuelling bad behaviour’

Welcome to Galliagh. ERIN TO CAPTION. DER4414MC014
Welcome to Galliagh. ERIN TO CAPTION. DER4414MC014

Anti-social behaviour is leaving some residents in Galliagh and Shantallow afraid to leave their homes at night, the IRSP have warned.

Representatives said the problems facing residents were being compounded by the lack of youth centres and facilities open to young people at night.

IRSP representative Danny Morrison said: “We are finding that people are too afraid to speak out publicly because they don’t want targeted.

“We are getting reports of people stealing cars, creeper burglaries. Not a weekend passes that there are not reports of cars being stolen, cars and oil tanks being burnt. It is mischief which lead to serious criminality, and some of these kids are 14-15-16. They don’t see a future.”

Mr Morrison said that the anti-social behaviour involved a small minority of the area’s largely youthful population, and warned there was a major issue with resourcing and a lack of employment opportunities.

“The amount of money that is being thrown at all these other things is not filtering down into working class areas, you don’t see it in Galliagh, Shantallow, Glencaw. The kids here are left out on a limb.”

Mr Morrison branded recent unemployment statistics which showed Derry topping the tables anywhere across the north and Britain as “a disgrace and a clear indictment of the lack of political vision among those representing the people of this area”.

He added: “The IRSP want to see proper investment.

“Too many of our young people leave school without qualifications, too many are sitting on benefits for prolonged periods of time.

“If this was in England there would be a task force set up and proper investment.”