Large funeral for ‘devoted family man’

A grief stricken Aisling Kelly is inconsolable outside the Long Tower Church yesterday.
A grief stricken Aisling Kelly is inconsolable outside the Long Tower Church yesterday.

Mourners at the Requiem Mass of Patrick Kelly who died while working in the city last week, heard that he was a devoted family man who lived for his twin daughters.

The 37 year-old, known as PK to his family and friends, died on Thursday while working as an electrician in the city.

Hundreds attended his funeral in St Columba’s Church, Long Tower on Sunday. The coffin was draped with a Tricolour as it was carried to the church.

Fr Chris Ferguson, a relative of Mr Kelly’s partner, Aisling, celebrated the Requiem Mass and described the 37 year-old as “a fantastic partner and father.”

“For all those who knew and loved PK your world, your lives have been shattered and turned upside down.

“Nothing seems to make sense anymore, stunned and shocked we question everything we once knew and understood,” he said.

He also said the couple’s eight year-old twins were the centre of Mr Kelly’s life.

“PK was always busy, and the only thing more important than work was his family. PK was always looking out for his parents and his two younger brothers David and Jonathan who looked up to him. He was always generous with his time and his money.

“PK was devoted to Aisling and he could never do enough for her. His life revolved around her and when the twins were born he supported Aisling through a difficult pregnancy which meant she spent many months in Altnagelvin. PK was always at her side, as a source of comfort and consolation. Aisling, Leah and Katie were at the centre of PK’s life.

“PK was a man who loved being busy, he was always active and the main reason he was such a hard worker was to support his family.

“He wanted the best for Aisling and the girls. Along with Asling he encouraged the twins to be involved in the choir, gymnastics, disco dancing and drama. Although only a few months ago the girls and Asling were in Wales at a dance competition and PK confessed he found this the longest five days of his life without them.”

Fr Ferguson also said Mr Kelly would be missed by his wide circle of friends.

“Above all PK was a gentleman who will be sorely missed by all his family and friends. For Aisling, Leah and Katy this will be a particular cruel blow because PK was a fantastic partner and father; life will never be the same without him. Life can seem so unfair when a man who had so much to offer, so much to live for is taken from our midst. In these difficult and dark moments we ask for God’s help and strength. “