Launch of Phil Hession show at Context Gallery

Derry’s Context Gallery will launch Phil Hession’s solo-exhibition ‘My Heart is Always Trembling, Afraid I Might Give In’ later this week at the Artillery Street venue.

During the opening event this Thursday, February 16, Hession will perform three renditions of the traditional Irish song ‘The Rocks of Bawn’. Each version will be captured using different recording devices; a record lathe, film SLR cameras, and a Russian polygraph. As the performance progresses the audio recordings will be played back, layered over the live performances, eventually leading to a crescendo of sound.

An installation of recording devices and a sound piece, composed by Hession and Christian Cherene, will be on view at the Context Gallery from February 17 until March 17.

The basis for Phil Hession’s work lies in the performance and teaching of folk songs and as such is a part of an ancient yet still vibrant oral tradition. His new works for the Context Gallery are reflections on and examinations of analogue recording processes, the physical actions involved in performance and the measurable and interpretable aspects of the human voice.

Phil Hession is a Belfast-based artist working with performance and video. He holds a BFA from the University of Ulster in 2001 and has exhibited work at Elective Perspective, April 2010 (Video), Galeria Arsenal, Bialystok, Poland; ....a stranger I came.... Taiwan, March 2010 (Performance), KYU Art Centre, Kaohsiung, Taiwan; and Isolated, January 2009 (Video), Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast. He has been in residency at at The Banff Centre, Canada and Residence Botkyrka, Stockholm, Sweden.

An Opening Reception and performance will take place in the Context Gallery this Thursday at 6pm.