Leanne cleans up in recycling comp

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A pupil from Foyle College has won the second annual RiverRidge Recycling ‘Make Art Not Waste’ competition in the Derry City council area.

Leanne Ramsey created the winning piece of art, Buddy the Bear, from cans, plastic and old clothes, and was selected by the panel of judges as the most inspiring piece of work to be created from recycled objects.

Leanne said: “I was really inspired by working with stuff that we would usually just throw away.

“I made this because I have lots of teddies in my room and I thought that I could have a teddy made of tins.

“I was inspired by a teddy bear’s picnic in a field.”

Foyle College received £500 from RiverRidge Recycling and Leanne has won £70 for herself . Her artwork will be forwarded to the regional final where she is in with a chance of winning an iPad.

She will also be automatically entered into the Sustainable Ireland Awards 2013 – Most Inspiring Environmental Project by a Young Person, which will be held in September 2013.

Brett Ross, Managing Director of RiverRidge Recycling, based in Ringsend, said: “It is great to see how all the pupils took up the challenge of creating something that was not only visually impressive but also conveyed the recycle message.”