Learn to compost for free

Limavady Borough Council will be hosting a free composting demonstration on Tuesday May 8 from 11.00am at Be Safe Be Well, Foreglen Community Centre, Foreglen Road.

The demonstration is part of the Department of the Environment’s (DOE’s) Rethink Waste campaign. Conservation Volunteers Northern Ireland will be carrying out the demonstration and will have displays and equipment to highlight suitable materials for home composting.

The interactive session will also provide the opportunity to make a small demonstration composter using recycled plastic bottles which you can then take home.

Limavady Council officials say up to a quarter of the average household waste is organic which means that it could be turned in to compost. Everyday items from vegetable peelings, egg shells and tea bags to animal bedding and even the contents of the vacuum cleaner – can all go towards making nutritious compost. Garden waste such as grass cuttings, leaves, hedge trimmings, weeds, twigs and small branches (cut into pieces) can also be composted at home in a composter or compost heap.

John McCarron from Limavady Borough Council added: “Composting returns vital organic matter and nutrients to the soil and it reduces the amount of land-filled waste, the production of harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases. Over the last year, through recycling and composting, Council diverted over 6,138 tonnes of waste from landfill saving over £435,790 compared to the cost of this material being land-filled.”

For further information on how you can reduce, reuse and recycle log on to rethinkwasteni.org. For information on recycling in your area please contact Limavady Borough Council, 7 Connell Street, Limavady. Tel 02877760305.