Lesbian charity to establish new Derry peer group

A regional charity working to alleviate discrimination against lesbian and bisexual women is planning to set up a new group in Derry.

Lesbian Advocacy Services Initiative (LASI) is a Belfast-based regional charity that works with lesbian and bisexual women and their families to help raise awareness and “alleviate the health inequalities caused by discrimination and homophobia in society.”

Peer groups are being set up in local areas so that lesbian women and their families can both offer and receive support from each other and socialise together in a healthy and safe environment.

LASI’s development worker, Orlaith Hendron, said: “Despite being forced into isolation because of the discrimination and homophobia that is commonplace in Northern Ireland, lesbian women all over the region are fighting back by coming together to support and learn from each other. Coming together in a safe and healthy way has already helped lots of women combat the daily stresses of being same sex attracted in our society.”

If you’re in an area where LASI is working and would like to join a group or find out more, or if you’re in an area where there is no provision for lesbian and bisexual women and you’d be keen to get involved in starting something up with LASI’s support, contact its development worker at orlaith@lasionline.org or on 07597879630.