‘Let me marry the woman I love’

The referendum will take place in May.
The referendum will take place in May.

A Donegal woman spoke on the issue of marriage equality to those in attendance at the Sinn Fein Ard Fheis at the weekend.

The referendum on marriage equality will take place on May 22nd this year.

Sinead Murray from the Donegal Youth Service was guest speaker at the Ard Fheis where she spoke of living in Donegal with her partner and their child. She told how they do do have “loving committed” relationships like theirs should be treated equally.

She said: “This Referendum is extremely close to my heart. I grew up in Donegal and I live there today with my partner and our child. We are a family just like any other but unfortunately our family does not have the same status and standing in society, nor does our family have the same legal rights and protection that’s available to other families in the state.

“Loving committed relationships like the relationship I have with my partner should be treated equally. I should be allowed to share the same responsibilities, obligations and respect that marriage provides.

Ms. Murray said the referendum was “fundamentally about equality.”

She added: “ Unfortunately same sex couples are treated as second class citizens in our country. But we now have a chance to change that, you have a chance to change our country for the better. It’s time. It time to give love that is equal and equal right.

Ms Murray told those present that a ‘yes’ vote would “send a clear message to the rest of the world that this is a country that embraces diversity and equality.”

She concluded: “I’ll leave you with this - Two years ago my brother respectfully asked his father in law’s permission to have his daughters hand in marriage.

“So now I stand in front of you and ask your permission to let me marry the woman I love.”