‘Let people live in peace’

John Kerr at his Limavady home. INLV4215-039KDR Photo: Ken Reay
John Kerr at his Limavady home. INLV4215-039KDR Photo: Ken Reay

A Limavady man who is physically disabled, has hit out at vandals who attacked his property and has urged the culprits to “grow up” and “let people live in peace.”

John Kerr returned home in the early hours of Thursday after a night out with his fiancée to find his home had been attacked.

“We were at a concert in Belfast and came back at around 2.00 a.m. to find the windows smashed. I am annoyed and my fiancée is really upset.

“I wish whoever did this would just pack it in and let people get on with their lives; just grow up and let people live in peace,” said John, who is getting married next week.

“We don’t need this stress.”

A Glens Community Association spokesperson condemned the incident and said recently there have been similar incidents in the area. On Wednesday night, fireworks were thrown at cars on the Ballyquin Road.

“This is dangerous because it could easily force a driver to lose control and be involved in an accident,” said the Glens Community Association spokesperson. “It also scares older residents.”

A PSNI spokesperson said incidents of anti-social behaviour like this may lead to those involved being prosecuted for criminal offences.

Police warn as Hallowe’en approaches, they’ll “be paying attention to fireworks issues” and added: “Bangers are always illegal.”