‘Let us hope that Brexit is hard as hell’

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Saoradh’s National Chair, Davy Jordan, told the party’s Ard Fheis on Saturday that a hard Brexit will be good for Ireland if it weakens Britain.

He told members gathered in the Maldron Hotel for the convention that he hoped Britain and the European Union would be weakened by Brexit.

The Tyrone republican said: “Saoradh should support strategically any initiative that quickens the end of one of the most repulsive and destructive nations that has ever existed. That which weakens and fragments Britain is good for Ireland, let us hope that Brexit is as hard as hell and helps usher in the demise of the last section of the cruel British Empire.

“Let me be clear on the point of Brexit, the debate about soft and hard borders is a distraction from a revolutionary respective. We are denied our sovereignty by both Britain and the European Union. That which weakens both is to be welcomed, that which strengthens the republican position is to be welcomed.”

He also claimed the party has successfully attracted new members from various other republican organisations in its first year of existence.

“What we as a revolutionary party should be immensely proud of is that Saoradh itself is a successful unity project in its own right - bringing republicans of various backgrounds and independents together under a constitution and ideological perspective all can agree on. A glance around the room here sees former Ard Comhairle or prominent members from 32CSM, Éirígí, IRSP, RSF, 1916 Societies, RNU and other organisations. This experience, coupled with our previously independent members and vibrant youth, are perhaps the greatest expression of republican unity in the last two decades.”