Lightning bolt over Derry caught on film

A spectacular lightning flash across Derry has been caught on film.

Charlene Farren captured the lightning strike from the Bishop Street area as she filmed in the direction of Creggan/ Sheriff’s Mountain. It immediately attracted hundreds of views when she posted the video on her facebook page. Charlene’s amazing piece of film shows darkness hanging over Derry before the skyline is sensationally lit up by the lightning.

Lightning over Derry

Lightning over Derry

The lightning followed the heavy snowfalls that saw much of the city grind to a halt. Known as ‘thundersnow’ this phenomenon occurs when the atmosphere is unstable and the layer of air closest to the ground is cold enough to create snow, but still warmer than the air above it.

Such lightning looks even more specacular because it reflects against the snowflakes.

Charlene’s video is reproduced here with her kind permission.