Limavady lad in BBC’s True North: Boy Racers

Ninja Kart racer, Matthew Nicholl from Limavady and his dad, Leigh Nicholl.
Ninja Kart racer, Matthew Nicholl from Limavady and his dad, Leigh Nicholl.

A 10-year-old Limavady lad stars in a new BBC programme about motorsport.

Ninja Kart’s Matthew Nicholl features in a new BBC One Northern Ireland programme, True North: Boy Racers.

The programme gets exclusive access to the boys and their families over the course of a season and lets viewers taste life in the fast lane.

Matthew features alongside nine-year old Adam McFall from Ballymena. They compete for glory at speeds of up to 50mph in the Ninja Karts series.

“For six to 11 year olds, the series is as competitive as any level of motorsport. It’s a family business. Racing is in the genes with their fathers also involved in motorsport in various forms and they can be as competitive as their sons. Keeping the boys on track is a big commitment – both financially and through time. Away from the track their family circles also have their own challenges to deal with,” said a spokesperson.

“True North: Boy Racers allows viewers to experience the contrasting emotions of the two young racers and share their love of karting as they carry the hopes and dreams of their fathers.

“There are big rewards to finishing in the top four of the Ninja Kart Championship with a chance to compete against the best racers across the UK at the Ipswich Speed Weekend. Winning is everything. Losing is heart-breaking. How will the season unfold? Will Adam and Matthew make it to Ipswich where the rewards are highest? But failure will also bring greater disappointment.”

The programme airs on Monday, March 30, at 10.45pm.