Limavady man (20) ‘lost control’ and broke man’s nose

Limavady Courthouse
Limavady Courthouse

A court has heard how a 20-year-old Limavady man who left another male with a broken nose and threatened to kill him “took the law into his own hands”.

Aidan Alexander Hargan of Roe Mill Gardens in the town was sentenced at Limavady Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday for the offence of assault on a male, occasioning him actual bodily harm, for making a threat to kill the same man, and two further counts of assault on a male and assault on a female.

The court heard on October 21 last year, at 7.30pm, the injured party reported he had been assaulted outside premises in Edenvale in Limavady. The man said Hargan asked him to confirm his name, and then started punching him around the head and threatened to kill him. The injured party suffered injuries, including a broken nose and bruising. The injured party’s father approached Hargan, but he was threatened by Hargan and told if he didn’t get out of the way he would also be hit. Hargan then fled the scene.

The court heard the incident was captured on a dashcam, and Hargan was identified and subsequently arrested. The court heard when Hargan was interviewed he admitted assaulting the injured party.

Defence Counsel for Hargan, Nicki Rountree said Hargan was not a young man who had a disposition towards violence. Ms Rountree said Hargan’s “emotions took over and rational thinking was left behind”. She said the incident was “extremely out of character” for Hargan, and his parents were “collateral damage in this”.

Ms Rountree said Hargan apologised to the injured party and his parents, and had sent them flowers. She said Hargan was no longer in a relationship with the female he was with at the time of the offence.

Ms Rountree also said Hargan had expressed remorse, and wanted to give something back to the community.

Deputy District Judge Philip Mateer noted Hargan had admitted the offences, that he had a good work ethic and work history.

However, the Judge told Hargan he “took the law into your own hands” and “two innocent people were put in fear as you lost control of yourself and you made a threat to your victim and you assaulted him”. The Judge told Hargan if he, or his girlfriend at the time, had genuine concerns about the injured party “the proper way to deal with it was to leave it to the courts”.

The Judge noted Hargan wanted to give something back to the community and imposed a Combination Order of 12 months Probation and 100 hours of community service.