Limavady man's crusade to remove dog mess from town

A Limavady man is on a crusade to remove dog mess from the area where he lives, saying irresponsible owners are putting children's health at risk.

Tuesday, 7th June 2016, 2:14 pm
Updated Tuesday, 7th June 2016, 4:17 pm
One of Vincent Quinn's signs in Bells Hill in Limavady.

Vincent Quinn is campaigning to clean up Bells Hill in the town where he says every day the footpaths are covered in canine mess.

“It’s really bad, and I am on to the Council regularly. It’s not people who live in Bells Hill. It’s people walking dogs as big as racehorses who are coming through Bells Hill from Castle Park. All you see is dog poo, everywhere,” Mr. Quinn told the ‘Journal’.

“On Sunday night there past there were eight big poos, just lying there. And there was one the day after the bank holiday earlier this month, and the dog must have had a bad stout because it was splattered against the wall.”

The signs at Bells Hill.

The Limavady man is so incensed about the issue he has taken to erecting signs throughout the area pleading with dog owners to clean up after their pets.

“The Council sign is about six inches square, so you’d need a good eye to read it. The dog can’t read it,” said Mr Quinn, “so it’s not the dog’s fault.

“I have nothing against dogs, but their owners should know better. They’re disgusting. My grandchildren come to visit and when they get out of the car the dog pooh is there. It’s dangerous.”

Mr Quinn said he has taken photographs of the mess and sent them to the local Council, however, he feels his pleas to the Council and the local politicians are a “a waste of time”.

Vincent Quinn in Bells Hill picking up dog mess.

“This has been going on for years. It’s unreal,” said Mr Quinn. “And when it comes to election time, well the politicians don’t come near my door anymore. I say to them ‘what about this dog foul’, and all they say is it’s a problem everywhere, and then they’re gone.”

Mr Quinn said the dog owners he believes are responsible for mess are those who walk their dogs under the cover of darkness.

“Everybody knows when dogs are walked, in the morning and in the evening, but the ones that leave the dog foul are crafty and are out late at night. I’ve had enough,” said Mr Quinn.

“I would just ask dog owners to respect other people and their property and clean up their dog’s mess.”

The signs at Bells Hill.

The ‘Journal’ has contacted Causeway Coast and Glens Council for comment.

Recently, Causeway Council launched a campaign to target “heavily fouled local streets and areas for additional patrols” streets in Limavady and Dungiven - Station Road in Dungiven and Scroggy Road in Limavady - and warned dog owners who are caught leaving dog foul, or a bag with dog foul behind they will receive a fixed penalty of £80.

To report dog fouling call 028 7034 7171 or email [email protected]

Vincent Quinn in Bells Hill picking up dog mess.