Limavady pensioner wants to flee home of 40 years after burglary

Iris Walls and her son David.
Iris Walls and her son David.

Sick thieves who burgled the home of a Limavady pensioner have left the woman so terrified she wants to flee the house she has called home for 40 years.

On Monday night, shortly before 11pm, police say two hooded youths targeted Iris Walls’ home in Gorteen Crescent as she slept upstairs.

One of the males stood outside the house while the other burst into the two-storey property, pushing their way past Iris’s son who had been watching television. The male ran into the kitchen and snatched Iris’s purse, which had £30 and her post office card in it.

The pair then fled on foot.

Iris, who went through heart surgery recently, said she doesn’t feel safe in her own home now.

“I’m feared now,” Iris told the ‘Journal’, in tears.

“I was feeling great until this happened, but it’s put me back. It’s not the value of the money, it’s just the fact they were in my home. I’ve lived here for 40 years and nothing like this has ever happened to me before. It feels dirty.”

If they had wanted money why did they not rap my door and ask for it? That money was part of my housekeeping,” she said. “They’re scum, the ones that did this. Why do they have to break in to someone’s house? I don’t believe in stealing anything that’s not my own. It’s shook me badly and I don’t know if I’m coming or going. I don’t even want to go out in case I come home and the house is wrecked. The sooner I get out of here the better. I can’t live here any longer. I don’t feel safe.”

Sheila McWilliams from Coolessan Community Association described what happened as “disgusting”.

“It’s absolutely devastating that such good people be targeted like this, and vulnerable people as well. That they were able to come in off the street into a pensioner’s home and invade their privacy. To push and pressure a lady out of her home is shameful, just disgusting. I really hope the two youths are caught and get a severe punishment because it’s not fair on the lady and her son living here,” said Ms McWilliams.

DUP Colr. Alan Robinson condemned those behind the burglary saying the money the thieves fled with is “insignificant to the trauma they’ve caused”. “We try our very best to promote the town and to instill some sense of civic and community pride, but there’s always a special type of scum lurking in the shadows to try to drag the majority down,” he said on Facebook.

The PSNI are appealing for information about the incident and “are keen to hear from anyone who can help identify two youths seen running from the area with hoods up”.