Limavady United player on THAT prank

When Limavady United footballer Blain Morrison pranked West Bromwich Albion boss Tony Pulis as he stood outside his club on Saturday night he never thought he’d become an internet sensation.

The 27-year-old appears to have fooled Tony Pulis into believing he was Bolton manager, Neil Lennon. The striker left the former Stoke City manager a voicemail as ‘Lennon’ asking if he could take Northern Ireland international defender Gareth McAuley, 35, on loan before recording Pulis’ two-minute response in which he refuses the request but goes on to suggest other possibilities and offering to stay in touch.

Limavady United striker Blaine Morrison (right). INLS16-United 2

Limavady United striker Blaine Morrison (right). INLS16-United 2

Recorded as Blain stood outside in the freezing cold at the Rathmore Road club showgrounds, the local Council bin man said he can’t believe the reaction to it and says his phone hasn’t stopped ringing.

“I thought it might get a couple of ‘likes’ on Facebook, but it’s went ‘ballistic’. It’s gone everywhere,” Blain told the ‘Journal’. “I got egged on by a couple of friends but I thought ‘he’ll never answer, he’ll never believe it’s Neil Lennon’, and by the time it got going, and by the time I realised he thought it was Neil Lennon, I just thought I may as well. I can’t pass up the opportunity. You have to keep going.”

Blain added: “It’s went viral really.”

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