LISTEN: HURT charity launches its first single

A Derry charity is about to release its first ever single.

HURT NI based in the heart of the Maiden City will launch the track at St Columb’s Park House on Saturday 13th June from 1-3pm.

HURT have your tomorrows.

HURT have your tomorrows.

The launch event will include a performance of the single by writers and HURT volunteers who were involved in the production and recording of the single.

“Have Your Tomorrows” is HURT’s mantra and the title of our new charity single, which is the charity’s new anthem,” said the charity’s founder Sadie O’Reilly. “The single reflects the universal story of a carer’s ongoing struggle to help a loved one take a step out of addiction, to seek support and treatment and to have your tomorrows.”

Encouraging people to buy the single Sadie asks people to listen to the powerful words of this song, as it is possible to have your tomorrows.

HURT has come a long way since its humble beginnings in Great James’ Street in October 2002, having now expanded its city centre base to larger premises in Clarendon Street and an additional centre further afield in Strabane.

This single aims to raise funds to continue the priceless work HURT does in the local community, as well as to support the hopes of future expansion so that the charity and its volunteers can help as many people as possible, far and wide, who face these harrowing, but commonplace issues.

The launch event on Saturday 13th June, 1pm at St. Columb’s Park House aims to bring people together from all sectors of the community to show a united front against an issue that knows no religious, racial, gender or ageist bounds.

The event will also feature a balloon release in memory of those who have lost loved ones to addiction, and to hope that no one else has to feel such pain and that all of us can have our tomorrows.

HURT would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the community who has supported its work since 2002.

From 13th June 2015 “Have Your Tomorrows” will be available to download on iTunes, Google play, Amazon, Rdio, Deezer, Tidal, Beats/medianet and a limited edition CD will also be available to purchase from HURT - 14 Clarendon Street, Cool Discs – Foyle Street, Henderson’s Music – Bishop Street and St Columbs Park House – Limavady Road.

Contributors to the single include:

Lead vocals: Louis McTeggart – Carolann Carlile*

*Vocals: Vivienne Mango - Rachel McGowan - Aaron Carlin*

*Guitars: Paddy Nash - Mark Donnelly - Johnny Graham*

*Drums & bass : Mark Donnelly*

*Percussion: Richard Campbell*

*Niamh Radcliffe – Johnny Scanlon - Dessie Kyle  - Sarah Quilty - Mik

O’Connell  Veronica Norrby  - Stacey Fitzpatrick – Clare Louise Quilty -

Sarah DowneyKirsten Arbuckle - Sadie O’Reilly- Tony D – James Quilty